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PostSubject: MY GM APPLICATION   Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:00 pm




Online Time: From 6am to 5pm. When i sleep till like 8pm then i'm back on and do it all over again.My time zone is Eastern Time Zone

Known languages: Only English.

Game playing experience: I have been playing dekaron  server from 2009 to 2011 then quit for a year then started back playing in 2012.

Why are you qualified for the position you are applying? Because i am a good GM who can follow the rules and work well with a team.

What do you know in this position? I no alot about a GM all the Commands  no all the dev and dekaron Commands to how to /openconsole /dropitem 55095 4 DIVINE

What make you better than other applicants? I think i am better then the rest because i have the experience under my belt of being a Head GM.

Do you have experience for this position? I was head GM /forum admin for a server called deadly dekaron for about a year in till they got a DMCA and shut down.

What do you think you'll do after we hire you? What would i do,I would get to work, that's what i would do.
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