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 GM/Guardian Application :)

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PostSubject: GM/Guardian Application :)   Sun Mar 23, 2014 2:57 pm

  1. Name: Neon Genesis A. Asombrado
  2. Age: 14
  3. Country: Philippines
  4. Online Time: 1-4 Hours
  5. Known languages: Tagalog and English.
  6. Game playing experience: I started playing dekaron since 9 years old Smile.
  7. Why are you qualified for the position you are applying? Because I want to be a good GM/Guardian. I can follow the rules easily Smile.
  8. What do you know in this position? I don't have experience becoming a GM but I will do my best.
  9. What make you better than other applicants? Nothing.
  10. Do you have experience for this position? No.
  11. What do you think you'll do after we hire you? I will check all players if they hacking or not then i will do event.
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GM/Guardian Application :)
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