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 [GUIDE]Siege Battle System

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PostSubject: [GUIDE]Siege Battle System   Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:36 am

Requesting Siege Battle

What is the Siege Battle System?
Siege battles involve large-scale combat to gain control of Genoa Castle and become the absolute ruler of the land.

How to Request Siege Battle

1. Requesting Siege Battle.
Visit Leonhart at Braiken or Bastian at Loa and select the “Request Siege Battle” menu.
- You must be a guild master.
- The guild needs to have at least 3 members, a guild emblem, guild level 3, and 50,000,000 DIL to make the request.
- The cost for requesting Siege Battle cannot be retrieved.
2. Begin the Seal Ritual
- Once a guild master has met the conditions for Siege War they can perform the Seal Ritual on the day of the ritual.
- Select the “Begin Seal Ritual” menu in the dialogue with Siege NPC
- Complete the Seal Ritual in the “Evil Abyss” dungeon at Denebe.
- Return to the Siege NPC and select the “Register Seal” menu to register as a guild participating in Siege Battle.
- Current siege battles allow only three guilds at a time, so the first guilds to register will be able to participate. Once three guilds have completed registration, all ongoing Seal Rituals will cease.)
3. Starting Siege Battles
The defending guild can set a time for the Siege Battle to begin. If the defending guild has not set a start time, it will begin automatically. Once the Siege Battle has started, the attacking guilds will enter through tunnels at Braiken, Loa, and Denebe.

Siege Battle

The Offense
1. Once you reach Genoa Castle, to gain access to the Inner Castle you must first destroy the South Gate, followed by the East Gate or the West Gate.
2. After entering, your guild must obtain two or more of the five guardian pendants, which are scattered around the castle.
3. Once you have the guardian pendants, click on Juto, who is at the center of the castle.
4. During the time of Siege Battle, enduring the response will give victory to the offending guild. If the response with Juto fails, the defending guild will win.

The Defense
1. The defending guild can prepare Genoa Castle for the battle before the Siege Battle starts.
2. There are two main ways to prepare for the battle: The defending guild can purchase guards and place them in the area of the battle. The defending guild can also invest DIL to fortify the castle gates.
3. When the Siege Battle starts, the defending guild must move to various areas in the map through warps to stop the attacking guilds from possessing the pendants. Stopping the offending guilds from responding to Juto will bring victory to the defending guild. If the offending guild successfully responds to Juto.
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[GUIDE]Siege Battle System
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