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 [RULE]Please Read Our TOS and Rules

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PostSubject: [RULE]Please Read Our TOS and Rules   Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:55 am

-Do not give out your account information
- Players might ask around for it as a "friend" or a fake "[GM],{MOD}, etc"
- No friend is trustworthy enough and no staff will ever ask for your information
- Do not reply back to any {MOD} [GM] or [DEV] if they ask you 4 your info becuase first of all staff can get a hold of it so there's no need to ask you, and 2nd of all there are name hackers out there posing as staff

-Keep personal information about yourself and others on the DL unless your prepared for it to be talked about in-game
- It's best to keep everything about yourself away from in-game IF you don't mind it being spread around

-Watch out for scamming and if your scammed There's nothing the staff can or will do
- It sounds harsh to do but you have to think about this one:
- Your the only person that can allow a scam to happen, if your willing to take the chance of being scammed and you take it anyway then its your fault not ours to fix
- If you really want to make a trade that cannot be done in the trade window then GET A STAFF MEMBER!!!
- Weather if its a {MOD}, [DEV] or a [GM] it doesn't matter, just contact them by any means possible and BE PATIENT in waiting!
- Staff will monitor the trade and nothing will go wrong so both parties can enjoy their things without worry

-No racial or very harassing remarks made towards anybody
- We DO NOT tolerate racial slurs and if heard will result in some very bad consequences
- There's a PK language *which is swearing considerably and such at a player* But if it is elevated to a harassing level things will need to be taken down a level for we just want every1 to enjoy the game
- I mean its just a game no need to go out of your way to say some terrible things to a player excessively

No Hacking!
- We especially do not tolerate hacks of any kind!
- The staff team is very well experienced to catch every kind of hacks out there and they always get their hackers!
- Just enjoy playing the game right, and play legit! its really fun the people you will meet on the way of becoming the best is what makes the game so much better!

-We Forbid Account Trading/Selling/Buying!
-We do not tolerate Account Trading/Selling/Buying!
- If One a Player is Caught Selling/Trading/Buying an Account. Consequence Will strike.
- Whatever happens to your account Due to Selling/Trading/Buying. The Staff Team will NOT even Bother with it.
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[RULE]Please Read Our TOS and Rules
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